Windows Phone 7 sees huge success with app developers

Over 300,000 developers download Phone 7 beta tools

Beta devs tool downloads top 300,000 for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS

Following numerous leaks of handsets set to run the upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, creators Microsoft has claimed that more than 300,000 downloads of the OS’ developer beta tools have been made.

With the beta download set to be switched to the final Phone 7 developer tools on September 16th this initial uptake has prompted huge excitement around the scope of apps available for Windows run devices when they launch later this year.

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If this initial interest transforms into eventual, downloadable apps, it will offer those consumers looking to take on Microsoft’s resurgence in the mobile market a hugely impressive quantity of content that would appeal to both the mass consumer and business markets that are each being heavily targeted by the computer giant.

Thanks to its user-friendly, intuitive and delightfully simple user interface, the first breed of Windows Phone 7 handsets are expected to be a big success when they launch this October. This popularity will no doubt rely heavily, and be bolstered by, the available app-based content.

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