Windows Phone 7 Mango update to launch in autumn

Autumn arrival will see update launch with Nokia handsets

Windows Phone 7 software update to add multi-tasking and IE9 in autumn

Microsoft has unveiled its plans for the next update to its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system with the Mango refresh set to bring multitasking and more than 500 other new features to handsets this autumn.

Windows Phone 7 Mango video

Source: Windows Phone 7 Mango video | T3 Tech Videos

Whilst a definitive release date has yet to be decided upon, Microsoft announced that the Mango update would not touch down until autumn this year. Interestingly, however, the tech giant revealed the launch of the OS update would also see the arrival of the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices.

“Nokia handset will be coming to market with Mango,” Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone 7 marketing, Achim Berg announced at the refreshes official London unveiling.

With much of the update’s focus being targeted towards the improvement of communication, apps and web aspects of the Phone 7 OS, Berg declared the Mango software will make Windows Phone 7 “smarter and easier” to use.

Web improvements will see Windows Phone 7 handsets sporting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 browser. Speaking on the IE9 inclusion Berg said: “It will not be similar to that on the PC, it will be exactly the same.”

One of the most key of the updates more than 500 new features will be the inclusion of multi-tasking allowing users to seamlessly switch between open applications without reducing the speed of the handset with a number of programmes running in the background.

Other new features of note include the Groups hub that will allow users to group contacts as well as Threads that will link all person-to-person communication across all mediums into one seamless stream.

“Seven months ago we started our mission to make smartphones smarter and easier for people to do more,” said Andy Lees, President of the Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft. “With Mango, Windows Phone takes a major step forward in redefining how people communicate and use apps and the Internet, giving you better results with less effort.”

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