White iPhone 4 available through DIY customisation kit

Apple's white iPhone 4 delay over but still no reception fix

iPhone 4 gets white make over with customisation kit

Apple’s continuing delays to the white edition of the recently released iPhone 4 has angered and disappointed many iPhone owners and prompted one company to offer white DIY kits to transform the current fleet of black devices.

WhiteiPhone4Now.com is offering iPhone 4 owners the opportunity to give their Apple handsets a lighter hue without having to wait for the official launch of the white device which Apple states will arrive “later this year”. A warning to those impatient wannabe white iPhone 4 owners, however, fitting the Ikea-esq kit is neither cheap nor without its risks as doing so requires the handset to be taken apart thus nullifying its warranty.

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The web retailer is currently offering two separate DIY kits, the first of which consists of just the white back panel and costs $135 (£86). The second, more complete kit features the rear panel along with its front-facing sibling, a Retina display, home button, digitizer and front frame. This hefty package of parts will set white iPhone hopefuls back $299 (£190). To get the kit shipped over to the UK, consumers will have to fork out the additional, and precise, sum of $31.64 (£20.10).

The components that make up this customisation kit are OEM Apple components that the company has had trouble manufacturing and therefore will not match the quality of the official white handsets upon their long overdue launch and although giving the iPhone a new colour, will not fix the handset's reception issues without a $4 addition for a case.

Any iPhone 4 owners looking to take up the white DIY offering are urged to take care and consider the risks to their handsets. Are you tempting to give your Apple handset a white overhaul? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook pages.