Weird News: StreetView snooping and an InDecent bed

Plus: Climb like Spiderman and Trombone flamethrower

Never let it be said that technology is boring...

We hand pick a few of the last 7 days’ weird, quirky and just plain funny tech happenings…

Man gets shot in the head. Discovers five years later:

We’ve seen it all here at T3, from near-death escapes to hordes of Apple fans waging fierce civil war to get their hands on the iPad, but this has to be a first. A 35-year old German construction worker from Dortmund began to realise he had a bit of a lump on the back of his head; thought it was a cyst and so went to the doctors. Turned out it wasn’t a cyst, but a .22 calibre bullet, unsurprisingly the doctors were keen to understand how the man had been shot, unfortunately for them, our head-hardened construction worker just remembered it as a good new years eve drinking. Bravo.

Playboy Mansion stalked by Brits via Street View:

According to a survey carried out by Scotland Joinery we're all nosey, jealous, paranoid and incredibly aroused every time we use the internet, Google Street View to be more precise. According to the survey carried out, a third of us Brits use Street View to snoop on celebs, with the Playboy Mansion, Steve Job's pad and the White House being amongst the top searches. It goes on to reveal that 16 per cent also use it to spy on their ex's house, whether that's to make sure they haven't built an extension or cut down a tree we're just not sure. Either way it appears as though we're doing everything except what Street View was created for: To help you get around. Well, that's unless your ex works in the White House and you're a Playboy bunny.

Solve a Rubiks cude, in a dinghy at 4,500m? Easy.

In fact, the student who did indeed accomplish this astonishing feat was not the first. He however decided to be different and throw a dinghy into the equation. Jumping from 4,500m Ludwig Fichte preceded to then sit in the dinghy whilst two mates held the floatation device in place. With the ground rapidly approaching Ludwig manages to complete the Rubiks cube with 2,500m to spare. There is of course another aspect to this strange accomplishment; if it had all gone wrong we still would have got a great story of dinghy’s falling from the sky.

Climbing like Spiderman a reality it seems.

Researchers at Stanford University have decided that they’ve had enough of watching these daredevils scale buildings with those ridiculous suction cups. It’s ‘inefficient’ and looks silly. To combat their visual distress they’ve come up with a synthetic micro-hair which when grouped together imitates the hairs found on a Gecko’s feet, making an object stick to a wall. At the moment they’ve only managed to get a robotic Gecko to stick to the wall, but the research is well on the way to creating a material strong enough to support a humans weight.

Selfridges sells sexy bed for up to £50,000:

Found that your King size was lacking in a certain, ‘je ne se quoi’? Well Selfridges is here to help with their latest item for sale: The InDecent bed. For the ‘standard’ version you get a solid High Gloss Oak frame and on the headboard is a overly pixelated stitching of a woman pulling what can only be describe as a provocative pose, look closely and it’ll just be a blur of colours though, clever eh? But if instead you’ve decided that this immortalised goddess isn’t up to your standards then you can pay £50,000 and have a photographer take some raunchy pictures of you and have yourself staring cheekily down at you everytime you catch ’40 winks’.

Sumo wrestlers given iPad’s:

Now we’re not sure what the Japanese Sumo Association has been giving their wrestlers to communicate with, but we can only hope that it’s not an Xperia X10 Mini, mainly because that would just be a cruel joke. However it does seem that even the largest of handsets may just be too small for their overly sized fingers, so in response the JSA has issued the Sumo wrestlers with wonderful 10-inch iPads so that they can type away to their hearts content. In a hugely suspicious and highly amusing twist, this also coincides with the JSA’s investigation into Sumo wrestlers who have been illegally gambling. It’s highly amusing because the JSA admitted that the best way to track the Sumo wrestlers responsible was through email. iPad anyone?

Trombone/Close-quarters weapon.

Now before we leave you to enjoy the weekend ahead we knew that there was something missing from your life. It is of course a flame-throwing trombone. Fear not then for this gentleman below has managed to create such a machine. Its purpose we can only assume (apart from being awesome) is to be a last line of defence against the stern-faced and dictator-like army of music teachers that inhabits this Earth. No more shall ye have to spend hours and hours doing scales practice and playing ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’. Check out the video below, oh and if you do go out this Bank Holiday weekend, check for bullets in the morning, you never know.