Weird News: iPad madness and real-life lightsabers

The more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

Plus: Flying cars and how to combat the vuvuzela onslaught

Worldwide nerdgasms as lightsabers become reality
Anyone who isn’t absurdly excited by the prospect of a real life lightsaber probably has no soul. Hold your horses though, as one swift swipe of this badboy will probably leave you with no skin and no eyes. Rad-iculous.

Still no Back to the Future hoverboard, but a flying car may fulfil DeLorean dreams
All we’ve ever wanted is to snatch Marty McFly’s hoverboard from right under his nose and zoom around sporting the fattest grin imaginable, but alas, the wait continues. Some imaginative folks have designed a flying car though so we mustn’t grumble. Just going to need to pretend to be Doc Brown until the hoverboard appears.

Desperate duo go to impressively stupid lengths to get hands on iPad
So the draw of the iPad really is enough to get yourself arrested then. Who’d have thought it?

French ISP file-share block blunders into existence
You’d really think that if you’re going to try something as tricky as blocking file-sharing across your whole network then you’d make absolutely certain that the system was tip top before unleashing it on the public. Think again. French ISP Orange’s attempt resulted in a ginormous subscriber privacy breach and even ended up exposing them to countless new security threats. Bravo monsieurs.

Chatroulette to chop out your chap
Perv-chat monster Chatroulette’s founder young Andrey Ternovskiy wants to roll out special software to stop the site becoming such a filth-fest, presumably so there’s more chance of him enticing big money from big investors.

Vuvu crazy: cut out the drone of doom
We can’t do a thing about the constant, infuriating hum coming from Mick McCarthy, but supposedly a bit of tinkering with your telly can dampen the drone from the vuvuzelas. If you’re in the stadium and need to make a call that involves words instead of endless buzzing then a Jawbone headset with Noise Assassin may well be worth a peek.

Greenify your car in less than six hours with some pretty adventurous DIY
Got six hours to spare and a sudden urge to make the environment your new best pal? Whack this hybrid retrofit system on your car and increase fuel efficiency by up to 80%. The current lack of announced pricing suggests it’ll probably cost the earth though.

The internet done gone destroyed my mind
A fellow by the name of Nick Carr has written a book to politely let us know that the internet is slowly but surely rewiring our brains. Wait, so you mean to tell us that all those hours spent watching parrots swearing on Youtube haven’t increased our intellectual capacity one bit?

Street sign amp for busking to infinity
Times are tight so grab your guitar, head down to your local town centre and let it rip through one of these. Apparently, the fact that your noise screams out of an amp that looks like a street sign will make people less likely to avoid you, and more likely to worship your musical godliness.