Waitrose launches iPhone app with exclusive recipes

Delia and Heston creations straight to your Apple smartphone

Bite this, Jamie!

Supermarket chain Waitrose has launched its first app for the Apple iPhone, providing users with exclusive recipes from chefs Delia Smith and Heston Blumenthal.

The app, which is free to download, features interactive shopping lists for each recipe which allows you to tick off the items as you whizz around the store riding on the back of your shopping trolley.

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There's also a countdown timer for cooking times, convenient tips on the perfect wine to sip with your meal, and an enlargable photo to let you know how it should turn out. Naturally, it'll also divert you to your nearest Waitrose.

The app will also help you convert Fahrenheit to Celcius and grams to ounces and it's so well-specced that we'd almost expect to be able to weigh a leg of lamb by plonking it down on your iPhone's screen

The Waitrose application is free to download from the Apple App Store now.

Link: Waitrose