Vodafone offering 'Nearly New' pre-owned smartphones

Network wants you hopping on the smartphone bandwagon

With nearly all pre-owned smartphones being bought on eBay Vodafone is looking to give customers a new alternative when looking to grab an iPhone or Android smartphone

Vodafone 'Nearly New' is a new service which will give customers the chance to buy pre-owned smartphones along with a PAYG SIM or on a pay monthly contract.

The UK network will take pre-owned smartphones, refurbish them to a 'like new' standard and then sell them at a reduced price along with a 12-month warranty for PAYG customers and an impressive 24-month warranty for those getting a 'Nearly New' handset on pay monthly.

The plan according to Vodafone is help increase the uptake of smartphone users in the UK rather than simply catering for those who are upgrading or who simply wish to switch to a PAYG SIM.

Vodafone is already offering an 8GB iPhone 4 for just £250 on PAYG compared to the brand-new price which is over £400 while those looking for a 'Nearly New' pay monthly handset can get a Samsung Galaxy S3 free on a cheaper contract.