The Dark Knight and Inception get smartphone apps

iOS app editions of hit movies launched

Chris Nolan classics go from IMAX to iPod.

Warner Brothers has released 'App Editions' of box office smash movies The Dark Knight and Inception for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

The app editions provide bonus content such as extra footage, soundboards, games and the first five minutes of the movie free of charge. If you feel inclined you can buy the rest of the movie to watch directly onto your device.

Naturally, the app has social media integration so you can tweet along with the movie in real-time if you're so inclined. If you thought watching a movie on a 3.5-inch screen was inhibiting then try having a twitter feed running alongside it. Maybe some tweeps can let you know what the hell was going on in Inception?

Warner Brothers have gone straight for the Christopher Nolan-directed big guns in Inception and The Dark Knight, but plans to launch a host of new and classic movies as 'App Editions' in 2011.

Link: App Editions