The Cloud launches content Portal across UK transport hubs

The Cloud launches content Portal for those on the move

The Cloud launches content Portal for commuters, with the service being made available from transport hubs across the UK, including London's Euston station

Public Wi-Fi provider The Cloud is set to roll out a new content portal in transport hubs across the UK, including the London Overground, which aims to bring Sky News and Sky Sports News to commuters.

The portal will host news stories, images and video footage from both Sky channels, delivering quick and digestible content to users without requiring them to access 3G mobile networks, which can be unreliable, sluggish, and expensive.

In addition, the portal will also host a real-time local and national travel news function, which will pump out up-to-date travel information (including departures) and a Transport For London journey planner.

T3 understands that the service will launch on 15 June with London’s Euston Station being the first major transport hub to receive the wireless service.

They say the best things in life are free, but when a service is this good, the money must be coming from somewhere.

That’s where the, er, pasties come in. The service will be funded by advertising, with bakery chain Greggs being the first on board.

So if you’re a commuter looking to take advantage of this service, expect to see a hot cross bun floating across your blower real soon.

Words: Adam Palmer