Tech Today: White iPod touch, Motorola Atrix 2 leaked

Plus: Windows 8 tablets on eBay, Facebook changes feed

With big news rolling out from some of the industry’s biggest players in the last few hours including Apple, Microsoft, Motorola and Facebook, here's a selection of tech happenings from Tuesday evening

Apple rumoured to be launching white iPod touch
A white iPod touch will arrive alongside the next generation iPhone 5 according to Mac Rumors' sources. The lighter hue will be the only change to the existing device according to the report. The iPod nano is also up for a minor revision, apparently. Apple's long-awaited launch even is expected in the first or second week of October.
Link: MacRumors

Facebook announces News Feed changes
Your Facebook News Feed is changing, depending on how often you visit the site, the company revealed today. If you're constantly visiting the site, your News Feed will remain dominated by the most recent updates, but if you log-in less regularly the site will show Top Stories posted by your close friends and family.
Link: TechRadar

Windows 8 tablets show up on eBay
A select few Microsoft developers have decided to cash-in on the company's generosity by sticking the Samsung Windows 8 Developer PC tablet they were given last week on eBay. The cheeky devs are asking $3,500 (£2,225) for the devices, which were handed out to 5,000 developers at the Build conference last week.
Link: PCMag

Microsoft employee who tweeted Nokia leak "no longer with the company"
An excited Microsoft employee who decided to broadcast on Twitter that he was playing with a Nokia-branded Windows Phone handset is no longer with the company, according to the Redwood-based giant. Former Windows Phone program manager Joe Marini was present at the Build conference last week, but is now a goner. Marini is said to have "violated the company's social media policy" but did he jump or was he pushed?
Link: AllThingsD

Motorola Atrix 2 images and details leak into the wild
The Motorola Atrix topped the T3 Hot 100 earlier this year and now the sequel is on the way according to leaked images. The Motorola Atrix 2 has appeared on the BGR site will have a dual-core processor, an 8-megapixel camera and full HD 1080p video recording according to the report.
Link: BGR