Tech Today: Thunderbolt for iOS devices, Jony Ive's Apple TV

Plus: LG Google TV sets confirmed for CES, church of file sharing established

In Thursday's late-breaking tech news, Apple is preparing to bring Thunderbolt connectivity to iOS devices, while the first Apple TV set is reportedly already in existence

Apple to bring Thunderbolt connectivity to iOS devices
The next generation of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices could give users much faster file transfer speeds, along with a more efficient charging solution thanks to integrated Thunderbolt connectivity. The lightning-fast I/O tech on Macs is coming to iOS devices according to newly filed patents.
Link: PatentlyApple

Sir Jony Ive has secret 50-inch Apple TV set, say reports
Apple's newly-knighted design guru Jonathan Ive has a 50-inch prototype Apple TV set in his private studio on Apple's Cupertino campus, according to reports. According to a USA Today story, the studio is "under total lockdown." The article says there'll be plenty of talk about the iTV project at next week's CES expo, which Apple won't even be attending,
Link: USA Today

BlackBerry PlayBook OS update coming at CES
Long-suffering BlackBerry PlayBook owners (all ten of them) will finally see a new version of the QNX operating system at CES, the company has announced. Hopefully crisis-hit RIM will bring the long-promised Android app player and a native email client to the device, which is currently on sale for as little as £169.99.
Link: Engadget

Google TV-powered LG tellies official for CES
The pre-CES news is coming thick and fast ahead of next week's show, with Google announcing that LG will officially be partnering up with the company on the Google TV platform, joining Sony and popular US-budget manufacturer Vizio. The company says we can expect a new line of Google TV-infused LG sets carrying LG's own L9 chipset. Is Google TV going to finally gain some momentum ahead of the planned UK launch this spring?
Link: Google Blog

Sweden's file-sharing religion given legal protection
Want to get away with P2P file-sharing? Follow the lead of these crafty Swedes and set up a religion proclaiming sharing and copying as your holy gospel. The Church of Kopimism hopes for immunity from persecution by the authorities saying the religion is "one step towards the day we can live out our faith without fear of prosecution."
Link: The Verge