Tech Today: Siri-powered Apple HD TV coming early 2013

Plus: Galaxy Nexus release date revealed, HP to continue making PCs

It was a massively eventful Thursday night in the tech world, with huge developments in the Apple HDTV story, while HP has decided to continue making PCs afterall. Also there's big smartphone news from Nokia and Samsung.

Apple's Siri-powered TV coming in late 2012, early 2013
The New York Times is reporting that Apple has known since 2007 that it would build a TV, but the launch of Siri for iPhone 4S was the final piece of the puzzle. The Siri-powered HD telly could be ready to launch as soon as this time next year, but an early 2013 release it the most likely ETA.
Link: NewYorkTimes

Facebook introduces 'Trusted Friends' scheme
The next time you find yourself locked out of your Facebook account, you'll be able to call on your most 'trusted friends' to ease your passage back to your profile. The scheme will allow you to provide 3-5 of your best hombres with a unique security code. Once they've used that code to verify your identify, you'll be able to access your page. The scheme will help those who're unable to use the email password recovery system.
Link: TechCrunch

Samsung Galaxy Prime coming 17 November
The first phone to come loaded with Android Ice Cream Sandwich will arrive in the UK in less than three weeks, Samsung confirmed on Thursday. The 4.65-inch behemoth will cost £549 if you choose to pick it up SIM free and its now available to pre-order from Amazon. The flagship Android 4.0 device will immediately enter into a head-to-head battle with the iPhone 4S
Link: Engadget

HP to keep making PCs after all, will make Windows 8 tablets
After evaluating the future of its 'personal systems' business, HP, the world's leading PC manufacturer has decided to keep on trucking for the time being. The company also revealed that it'll build tablets with Microsoft for the new Windows 8 OS. The future of WebOS, which met its end with the HP TouchPad earlier this year, remains uncertain.
Link: Los Angeles Times

Windows Phone Apollo coming 'mid 2012' says Nokia VP
Microsoft has only just gotten the Windows Phone Mango update out of the door, but its new best friend Nokia just revealed when we can expect the next iteration of the rapidly improving OS. WIndows Phone Apollo will also be "a completely different game" according to Nokia executive Michael Halbherr, which leads to speculation that it will in fact be Windows 8 for smartphones.
Link: TechRadar