Tech Today: RIM CEOs step down, Apple's China solution

Plus: Google forcing G+ sign-ups, Samsung's latest Apple-mocking ad

Over the weekend we saw Apple's China solution revealed, while Samsung threw more barbs at iPhone fanboys in its latest Apple-bating commercial

RIM co-CEO's forced out
BlackBerry-makers RIM have made some major changes at the top of the corporate structure, with co-CEO's Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis forced out of their roles. "Little known company insider" and current COO Thorsten Heins will take over the reigns as RIM seeks an unlikely comeback.
Link: Engadget

Samsung throws more barbs at Apple
Super Bowl commercials in the United States are legendary and Samsung's latest mickey-taking assault on Apple fanboys should be one for the ages. Check out the video below to see those in the iPhone queue get "Samsunged."
Link: AllThingsD

PayPal payments coming to brick and mortar stores
We've been accounting for our eBay purchases with our PayPal accounts, but soon we'll be able to make payments in traditional stores through our PayPal accounts. The eBay-owned company has signed a deal with Home Depot and plans to expand to 20 other retailers to bring payments to 2,000 stores nationwide. Users will need a mobile phone number and a pin code.
Link: CNET

Google forcing G+ sign-ups
The aggressive, some may say, desperate attempts from Google to push its Google+ social network reached new highs/lows this weekend with the company now forcing anyone who signs up for a Google Account or Gmail account must now sign-up for Google+ too. The company announced 90 million active users at its earnings call this week, although how many of those are active users isn't anywhere near as impressive.
Link: TechRadar

Apple's China solution revealed
The New York Times has published a piece on why Apple now builds nearly all of its products in China. Back in 2007, Steve Jobs showed his prototype iPhone to his most trusted generals. "I won’t sell a product that gets scratched. I want a glass screen, and I want it perfect in six weeks." Apple went to China and the solution was found within half an hour.
Link: New York Times