Tech Today: iPhone air-bags, Facebook video on Skype

Google TV gets Music app, PlayStation celebrates a birthday

On Thursday evening we learned that Apple is plotting an 'air-bag' solution to save falling iPhones, while Facebook and Skype have increased their ties. Also, Facebook has increased its integration with Skype.

Skype for Mac and PC adds Facebook-to-Facebook video calls
Skype re-enforced its links with Facebook on Thursday by integrating Facebook-to-Facebook video chat into its desktop Mac and PC clients. Back in June the company added Facebook chat, while you've been able to use Skype video chat on for a good while too. Skype says the tie-in with Facebook is pushing it closer to its 1m users goal.
Link: LA Times

No new iPod nanos to replace faulty first gen devices
The replacement models send out to first generation iPod owners following a recent recall have begun to arrive. However, those who hoped Apple might serve-up a nice new tiny, touchscreen nano are in for a disappointment as the replacements are like-for-like scroll-wheel devices. Last weekend Apple called for anyone with a first-gen nano to stop using it immediately and send it back.
Link: MacRumors

Google TV gets a new Google Music app
After announcing it's brand new music download store to join the cloud storage offering, Google has brought its new Google Music. The app allows you to stream music from the cloud and will also play in the background while you navigate around the system. The move mirrors Apple recent decision to integrate iTunes Match into Apple TV. Some Android phones have also been graced with the US only download store.
Link: The Verge

PlayStation celebrates a landmark birthday
Sony's PlayStation 3 console is now five years old. The console arrived on 17th November 2006 and to celebrate the landmark, the Official PlayStation blog has quizzed developers on their favourite games for the platform. Among the selections are Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet, GTA IV and Fallout 3. Check out the blog, it's a good read.
Link: PlayStation Blog

Apple devising 'air-bags' to save iPhone breakages
In one of the stranger patent applications we've heard of in a while, Apple is reportedly considering an 'air-bag' system to protect iPhones when a fall is imminent. The company is hoping to protect the brittle glass casing which surrounds the phone by introducing a "micro-inflatable bladder" between the cover and the rest of the device.
Link: PC Mag