Swatch Touch officially unveiled as touchscreen timepiece

New touchscreen watch announced by Swiss maker Swatch

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Swatch Touch
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Swatch Touch

Swatch goes fingerprint happy unveiling the Swatch Touch, a touchscreen touting timepiece to be available in six colours from October 1st priced £100 apiece

Swiss timepiece specialist Swatch has officially unveiled its first touchscreen touting watch with the aptly named Swatch Touch to hit retailers next month.

Doing away with all physical control buttons Swatch has taken design hints from modern smartphones for the Touch with a large touch-sensitive LCD display allowing users to riffle through a variety of functions and features.

Swatch Touch Features

Offering up six digital functions, all accessible via the wristwatch’s touchscreen, the Swatch Touch allows users to scroll sideways through the obvious timing display (with two individually programmable timezones) and date screens.

With finger taps used to make use of the chrono, alarm, timer and beep menus, the Swatch Touch is finished with colour coded plastic cases and silicone straps offset by large, differently hued figures

Swatch Touch Release Date and Price

Available in six colour waves to appeal to all tastes, camouflage, pink, purple, black, white and turquoise, the a Swatch Touch release date has been set for October 1st. The curved faced Swatch Touch watch will set wannabe owners back £100.

What do you make of the Swatch Touch, unnecessary over engineering or design genius now atop your Christmas wishlist? Let us know via the comments box below.