Spotify US on track

But boss won't say when streaming service will go live

Pricing revealed, but still no firm release date.

Spotify has been dominating our musical lives here in Blighty for over two years. But spare a thought of our US music loving brethren, who still aren’t in on the act, despite constant talk about the service launching Stateside.

Well, now Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has said that the streaming effort is definitely heading to the US. Speaking at the D: Dive Into Mobile event in San Francisco, he confirmed it was on its way, but wouldn’t say when.

Ek put his evasiveness down to the fact that Spotify needs to strike a string of deals with labels in order for the service to flourish. Word is it’s not made that much cash here in Blighty despite its enormous popularity.

Ek did offer one morsel though. A monthly subscription will cost $10 (£6.30). Currently a full premium subscription costs £9.99 on these shores.

Via Yahoo News