Sony touts 16.4 megapixel camera phone sensor

Resolution on its way up again

1080p video and significant noise reduction from new sensor.

The battle for ever-more megapixels may have died down in recent years, as punters realise that quality not quantity is where it’s at on camera phones. But that’s not stopped Sony touting a new 16.4 megapixel sensor designed with mobiles in mind.

The IMX081PQ might not sound too sexy, but this new effort is a Sony Exmor R number, meaning it cuts right back on nasty noise on camera phone images. At 7.9mm, it’s not the thinnest sensor going, but it can handle 1080p video at 30fps, which would surely make anyone desperate to snag a phone with it inside.

Sony has also used similar tech to create a thinner 8.13MP version, which is being primed for smartphones. Gossip mongers are already suggesting this one could be destined for the next-gen iPhone as well as a slew of Sony Ericsson phones.

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Via Electronista