Slingbox Mobile Windows Phone 7 app available now

Watch TV on your WP7 handset anywhere

£22.99 app allows Slingbox owners to go mobile

if you're Microsoft, news that Windows Phone 7 only shipped 40,000 handsets on launch day in the US has to be a bit alarming, but at least the big name apps keep on coming.

Today's new release is Slingbox Mobile, which brings an entirely new WinMo specific interface for the market-leading TV-anywhere service, which allows users to watch television from portable devices over the internet.

The app also enables WP7 owners to control their Slingbox DVRs from anywhere in WiFi and 3G range, and also change channels. The app is also available for iPhone, Android, Symbian, Palm and BlackBerry.

The big question is, with only 40,000 Windows Phone handsets sold so far stateside, how many of those folks own Slingbox SOLO or Slingbox HD set-top boxes? and how many are willing to pay £22.99 for the Slingbox app?

Link: Slingbox