Samsung Windows 7 tablet primed

10-inch effort packing Windows 7 in the works

'Gloria' set to come with slideout keyboard.

Samsung is working on a 10-inch Windows 7 tablet according to a report from French site Blogeee. The new slate will not only pack Microsoft’s full-on OS, but also come with a slide out keyboard, testing the definition of tablet to the max.

Dubbed the Samsung Gloria, the new effort will sit alongside the Galaxy Tab in Sammy’s slate stable. The pic shown here is a mock-up, but should give you an idea of what the Korean gadget maker is working on.

There’s no news as yet on what features this will cram in. Windows 7 has not been the first choice for tablets, with HP’s disappointing effort failing to set the world alight after its airing at CES back in January.

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Via Electronista