Samsung Galaxy Tab UK release date: November 1st

One month and counting for Sammy Android Tab

Samsung's 7-inch iPad-botherer set to land in the next 30 days.

After multiple price drops and rumours of free accessories, Samsung have finally given us a release date for it's stab at the tablet market, the Galaxy Tab. And it's sooner than we'd hoped, with Samsung fans having only a month to wait until the November 1st release date.

Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Tab would be available on all networks (it has a SIM card for calling, text messaging and 3G web browsing) and on a variety of contracts. Early adopters will be able to pick one up from network providers' shops, high street electronics retailers and online.

The Galaxy Tab comes pre-loaded with a handful of Samsung apps, including Reader's Hub, an app combining e-reading and an ebook store, which apparently offers over 2 million ebooks - 1.8 million of which will be free. Other pre-installed apps include Samsung Media Hub and Music Hub, through which users can stream and download movies and music.

You can take a look at our exclusive hands-on review of the Galaxy Tab here.

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