Samsung Galaxy Tab shifts 1 million units

Sammy adjusts aim for 1.5 million Tabs this year

Christmas comes early at Samsung HQ.

Samsung have confirmed that they have sold over a million of the iPad-bothering Galaxy Tab worldwide since its launch two months ago, with Sammy claiming they're aiming to raise that figure to 1.5 million by the end of the year.

Samsung are still very much playing on Apple's home turf, however, with the big A shifting twice that number of its iPad in the same timeframe. Despite the Galaxy Tab's pre-Christmas popularity surge, Jobs and Co. still enjoy an estimated 90% share of the tablet market.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab packs a smaller, 7" screen size to the iPad's 9.7", as well as dual cameras (front and rear-facing), expandable storage and Google's Android 2.2, but initially received a shaky reception for its original ludicrously high price point.

Worldwide, the company have also flogged a cool five million of their Galaxy S smartphones, the combined sales of which can't do them any harm when they come up against the iPad 2 and BlackBerry's PlayBook tablet next year.