Samsung 'Galaxy Altius' smart watch UI reportedly leaked

Samsung looking to go head to head with Apple's iWatch in next big tech battle?

While Samsung fans shouldn't clear a space on their wrists just yet, it appears as if the Koreans may be working on an alternative to Apple's rumoured iWatch

Samsung may be working on a smartwatch accoutrement for its range of Galaxy smartphones and tablets, according to these leaked interface pictures, posted on a Korean web forum.

The images, which appeared on the Ruliweb site, show a square watch-like touchscreen interface, feauring the time, messages, music and another unidentified icon (some sites have speculated that it may be an ebook reader, while it also could represent a folded paper map).

There also appears to be a touchscreen slider along the bottom of the interface, while one image bears the name Galaxy Altius.

With Apple rumoured to be working on an iWatch based on iOS, it would make sense that Samsung would be keen to jump on board and create another arms (or wrist) race with the Cupertino-based giant.

Reports over the last couple of weeks have suggested that Apple is experimenting with a curved-glass wearable device that would run iOS and offer messaging, social networking, maps and call answering capabilities.

The company is also thought to have 100 people working on the project, suggesting it is a lot further along in the development stages than many had thought.

Do you think these purported Samsung images are the real deal? It looks a little bit bland for our liking. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Via: TechRadar