Qualcomm 1.5GHz processors coming to smartphones in Q4

Blazing fast Snapdragon chips headed to manufacturers soon

Thought 1GHz in your Desire was quick enough?

Champions of the mobile processor market Qualcomm has announced today that it expects to begin shipping its next breed of mobile chipset to manufacturers in Q4 this year.

The company’s Snapdragon processors currently reside in a huge amount of top smartphones from the likes of HTC and Acer thanks to their balance of size and performance. The new breed will be 1.5GHz Dual-Core numbers that’ll raise the bar on the current generation of smartphones by 0.5GHz.

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This added speed will make functions such as 1080p video playback and memory-heavy multi-tasking on Android handsets run smoother than ever, and will begin shipping to manufacturers in Q4 this year. While this’ll probably mean we won’t see any resulting phones until early 2011, Qualcomm insist that keen makers might be able to get their new wares out into market by the end of this year.

HTC is a huge advocate of the Snapdragon processors, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes first out of the gates with a lightening fast 1.5GHz flagship smartphone.

Link: Via Engadget