Post PC era sees smartphones and tablets replace computers

Exclusive: Dedicated home PCs to be ousted by the rise in popularity of portable tech

With the iPhone and iPad dominating their respective markets and allowing for easy computing on the move GEAR4's CEO claims the post PC era is here

As technology advances, the capabilities of smartphones increase and the emerging tablet market becomes more prominent consumers are to turn their backs on PCs with household computers to be replaced by portable tech, industry experts have claimed.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with T3 the CEO of audio specialist and peripherals expert GEAR4, Tom Dudderidge, has suggested we are on the cusp of a post PC era with smartphones and tablets to lead the revolution away from the home computer setup.

“Our whole philosophy is post PC and the advancement of post PC devices,” Dudderidge said. “We know that the PC is unlikely to be the primary computing device of the next generation of users coming through and this move has already started.”

The post PC era will not be limited to the likes of the iPhone and iPad, however. With rumours rife of Apple preparing to launch a full television set dubbed the Apple iTV, Dudderidge has suggested users will soon adopt their TVs as dedicated PC replacements.

“Attention is currently surrounding the smartphone and tablets but we shouldn’t forget the big screen which is going to become used in a similar way to smartphones and tablets today.”

Can you already see yourself moving away from your dedicated PC towards portable technologies and even your internet connected TV? Let us know via the comments box below.