Ouya dev kits to ship December 28

Ouya consoles will be with developers in time for the New Year

Ouya have announced that the first dev kits are set to ship out and will be with their owners by December 28th

If you’re one of the many developers who contributed to the Kickstarter for the Ouya console, you may want to keep a weather eye out for the postman shortly after Christmas.

The creators behind the Android-powered videogames consoles have announced the first Ouya dev kits will be on their way to developers by December 28th and will arrive, “within a couple of days”.

On their official blog, Ouya’s makers, have mentioned that every console they make will be open source and thus, any consumer can use one for development purposes. However, the same blog entry mentions that the consoles set to ship on December 28th are “pretty special”.

“Advance dev consoles you ordered are pretty special,” wrote Ouya’s Jules Kane, “you'll know what I mean when you open yours. They're rare drops."

Kane went onto say that ODK Ouya console software development kit, which is currently undergoing intensive testing, will be available to users regardless of whether they aided the Kickstarter campaign.

"When the dev consoles ship to gamemakers, all developers- even those who may not have their hands on a dev console - will be able to access a web portal where they can download the ODK, get help on our forums, and eventually upload games to OUYA,” Kane wrote.

The Ouya console, which purports to put an open source gaming console in the hands of consumers for just $99 per unit, closed out its Kickstarter in August, having raised over $8m in funding – way over its original target of $950,000.