Nokia Windows Phone 7 tie-up official

Symbian and MeeGo take a back seat as Nokia comes out fighting

Much-rumoured tie-up sees Symbian and MeeGo relegated to second string status.

Nokia and Microsoft have just confirmed they’re entering a “strategic partnership,” essentially a fancy way of saying the Finnish phone maker is going to start using Windows Phone 7 as its main smartphone OS.

In a joint statement, Nokia and Microsoft said that under the deal, “Nokia would adopt Windows Phone as its principal smartphone strategy.” Ultimately, this means Windows Phone 7 will become Nokia’s main focus. Bing is set to power search on Nokia’s phones, while Xbox Live will also make the move. In return Microsoft will be able to integrate Nokia’s ace Ovi Maps into Bing search.

So what about Symbian? Nokia says it will become, “…a franchise platform,” saying it wants to, “…retain and transition,” existing users. That sounds very much like the OS is finally on its way out to us.

Meanwhile MeeGo, once heralded as Nokia’s great smartphone hope, will become, “… an open source mobile operating system project”. Nokia’s statement says the company still plans to release a MeeGo phone this year, but expect it to be a niche product and nothing more. A N900 for 2011, perhaps.

This astonishing move comes just days after Stephen Elop told his staff they were, “…standing on a burning platform,” and that one Google Android exec dismissed an alliance between Microsoft and Nokia, saying two turkeys don’t make an eagle.

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