Nokia tablet to become a reality through Windows 8 RT?

Nokia could well be working on a rival to the Microsoft Surface

While the Nokia tablet has become something of a ghost, it would appear as though Nokia are actually looking to take on the Microsoft Surface RT next year

The Nokia tablet could well be a reality after rumours have surfaced suggesting that the company is working on a 10-inch Windows 8 RT tablet to rival the Microsoft Surface RT.

DigiTimes reports that the company is working with Qualcomm and another hardware company to look into the viability of launching a Windows 8 tablet next year alongside its flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

With a strong relationship to Windows Phone 8 through the Nokia Lumia 920 and the original Lumia 800, Nokia certainly has the experience needed to create such a tablet.

That said sources close to the matter have implied that Nokia is still currently looking at the market after sales of Windows 8 tablets have not been as high as the company had hoped.

Of course that doesn't mean we won't see a prototype come CES 2013 as many of the technology companies will be looking to debut their upcoming products including Samsung's new 110-inch UHD TV and the possibility of a new flagship smartphone from HTC.

Nokia tablet rumours

This isn't the first time Nokia has been rumoured to be launching a tablet, back in March Nokia Design Chief Marko Ahtisaari confirmed that he was working on a Nokia Windows 8 tablet.

Before that it was rumoured the company was working on a MeeGo tablet however this was before Nokia made the decision to move to Windows Phone.

With tablets like the new iPad and the iPad Mini both claiming huge shares of the market Nokia will be looking to create something that can compete with both the Windows 8 market and the wider spectrum of operating systems available.

Source: DigiTimes