Nokia tablet detailed

Patents show off Espoo's plans for iPad rival

Year-old drawing suggests Nokia tablet has already been shelved.

A Nokia tablet was gossiped over avidly last year, yet never materialised. But now new drawings, released by the US Patent and Trademark office, show just what Espoo had planned.

We say had, because the pics date from May last year, which points to this being a MeeGo slate. With Nokia having relegated its open source OS in favour of Windows Phone 7, it seems this tab will never actually hit the shelves.

The Nokia tablet appears to clock in around 9-inches, with design quirks taken from the Nokia N8. As well as this design, Nokia also set out plans for a different slate, which eschewed N8 styling.

With Windows Phone 7 not heading to tablets, it’s highly unlikely Nokia will releases these tabs any time soon. But with Windows 8 round the corner, perhaps it’ll see fit to release something similar in 2012.

Via Engadget