Fear will drive Nokia to succeed, claims expert

Finnish firm will only rise from the ashes of its failures, says CTO of top company

Nokia’s troubles will only lead to its success, as it makes a desperate attempt to revive its ailing business with its Windows 8 devices, says expert

Nokia’s epic decline in the smartphone sector will only fuel its determination to succeed - and possibly even see the troubled firm salvage its former title as the world’s largest mobile phone maker, an expert has said.

Speaking at Qualcomm's annual Uplinq conference in San Diago, California, Richard Smith, CTO of porting and wireless technologies provider Open Path Products, told T3: “Nokia are driven. Part of the problem was their lethargy. They were the big leader for a long time, and now if nothing else, fear is going to drive them.”

Smith claims the Finnish firm has been slow in reacting to market trends and its lack of innovation and drive is what's contributed to its downfall: “There’s a little joke doing the rounds in developer circles - supposedly taken from a leaked press release from a past Nokia president - that by the time Nokia had rolled out a product presentation, Samsung rolled out a new product.”

Now the company, which is working closely with Microsoft to roll out its Windows 8-based devices, is placing all its focus on delievering a platform that will provide a solid foundation for new developments in applications.

Smith claims both Microsoft and Nokia are being aggressive in their attempt to lure back top developers to create apps for the Windows 8 platform - a recent Microsoft announcement of an 80 per cent profit share for developers adds weight to his claims.

Apple offers app developers a less attractive 70 per cent.

He said: “Microsoft and Nokia in particular are working very hard to develop a viable third eco-system, so they’ll be pulling out all the tricks to try and lure those [top dog developers] guys back.”

“Their biggest advantage is that there are still 1bn desktops out there and sometime over the course of next year, we’re all going to be upgraded to Windows 8, so the ability to connect with Windows 8 devices with your phone is going to be huge.”

"Microsoft and Nokia are now pitching themselves to the underdogs.

"Before, Apple were the innovators of the industry, now they’re the old grandfathers [other companies] are trying to knock off the pedestal. It's companies like Nokia and Microsoft who're tyring to be disruptive and innovative. While Apple is busy being comfortable on top, Nokia's whole advertising campaign hopes to make a solid point: we're not an iPhone.

“A little messiness helps to drive the next best thing,” he said.

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