Nokia N9: new MeeGo phone spotted

New QWERTY slider looks the part and is coming this year

Early December release slated for MeeGo-packing Nokia N9.

With the Nokia N8 slipping back to October, it seems Espoo is ready to completely undermine its all-new flagship by the end of 2010, with the release of this stunner, the Nokia N9.

Packing MeeGo, sources say this isn’t quite the final design, but that it will be ready in the 8th week of 2010. That suggests it’ll be ready-to-roll at the start of December, fitting in nicelly with MeeGo’s planned release.

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Word is this a completely metal design, aside from those sleek, MacBook Pro-alike keys. Reportedly built in Finland, this blower even has “Property of Nokia” stamped inside the battery compartment.

The N9 certainly looks the part. But surely by releasing it so soon, Nokia is doing down the N8 and all the hype it’s built up around the first Symbian 3 phone. What do you think? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Via Engadget