Nokia N8 used to shoot a short film

Does the short film show off the prowess of the Nokia N8?

Will we see a full length feature being shot on a mobile phone one day?

Nokia is fighting it out to get a space in the smartphone market. With a whole host of smartphones in the market, Nokia is upping the stakes by marketing its N8 model as having a film-quality video camera.

But does it work?

The seven-and-half minute long "The Commuter" stars Dev 'Slumdog' Patel as the hapless commuter whose car gets clamped down accompanied by a host of talent like Charles Dance, Ed Westwick and Pamela Anderson.

The entire short film was shot on the Nokia N8.

Dev Patel says he got involved in the project because of he was interested in the concept of it being shot on a mobile phone. He said: "I'm always interested in embracing new technology in film-making and the main reason I really wanted to get involved with 'The Commuter' was because it was being shot just on mobile phones."

He also added that he hoped the project would inspire and encourage the next generation of filmmakers. "I wanted to encourage the next generation of filmmakers by showing that you don't need expensive equipment and big budgets to make your own movies. The quality of a camera phone, like the Nokia N8 allows filmmakers to produce amazing HD movies and I hope ‘The Commuter’ shows aspirational filmmakers that you can create a great movie even using a mobile phone."

Check out the video here; we trust our readers to be a discerning lot.

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Via: Nokia blog