Nokia MeeGo tablet: more details revealed

New gossip about forthcoming slate comes to light

Could the Nokia MeeGo tablet be a dual-core monster? It looks likely.

That Nokia MeeGo tablet we were cooing over yesterday has made a return trip to the rumour mill, offering up all kinds of hot gossip on what we can expect when the sleek little slate gets an official airing.

Word is that this effort is based ST Ericsson’s U8500 system on a chip. Now that might not sound like much to non-tech savvy types, but this little number packs in two 1.2GHz ARM A9 processors, meaning the Nokia MeeGo tablet could be blisteringly fast when it does hit the shelves.

What’s more, an ST-Ericsson exec also confirmed last year that Nokia had signed up to use the system on a chip in one of its devices. The Nokia MeeGo tablet? Perhaps. Here’s hoping that all will be revealed by the Finns at next month’s MWC.

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Via Engadget