Nokia MeeGo tablet all but confirmed by Nokia chief

"MeeGo platform will be an important asset for Nokia"

Nokia MeeGo tablet all but confirmed

Endless rumours and leaked snapshots of a possible Nokia built, MeeGo powered tablet have today been bolstered by an apparently revealing quote from a Nokia bigwig.

Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s recently assigned chief of Mobile Solutions, has been reported to have said: “Due to the spread of cloud computing and new advances in electronics and network technology, mobile devices will increasingly move beyond smartphones to include other computer-like gadgets such as tablets, and the MeeGo platform will be an important asset for Nokia.”

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Rumour mongers and speculation hacks will need no further convincing that Vanjoki’s words mean the arrival of a Nokia produced MeeGo tablet is on the horizon.

With Nokia already producing netbooks and multiple smartphone handsets, tablets would be the next logical step for the Finnish company looking to capitalise on the reinvigorated tablet market lead by the Apple iPad.

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