Nokia Lumia 820 - new Windows Phone leaked again

Just hours after promo shots revealed, hands-on snaps surface

The Nokia Lumia 820, Espoo’s new entry-level Windows Phone 8 handset, has been spotted in a series of hands-on snaps, just hours after promo shots of the device wound up on Twitter. It comes after details of the new flagship Lumia 920 were also leaked.

The 4.3-inch screen machine looks as if it will come in a range of colours, although aside from gossip about having just 335MB of RAM, little more is known about the device and its specs.

Nokia and Microsoft are holding a joint event in New York on 5 September to showcase their new Lumia range, with the Lumia 820 expected to be revealed alongside the Lumia 920. The latter will have a slightly larger 4.5-inch panel and should feature more powerful innards.

Via Coolxap

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