Nokia Lumia 800 SIM-free to be available in limited stocks

Will be exclusively available on contract and PAYG till January

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Nokia has decided to have tight control over who's selling the Nokia Lumia 800 come launch day making it available through selected operators

Nokia has confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 800 SIM-free will be available in 'limited quantaties on launch day but only through Nokia's pre-chosen partners The Carphone Warehouse and most likely Phones4U'.

Speaking to T3 a spokesperson at Clove has commented on the decision saying "It is a bit strange, almost contradictory", going on to say that if Nokia did want the Nokia Lumia 800 to be 'available to our customers in the widest variety of outlets' they should surely be offering it to the wider online retail community. Of course one theory is that Nokia simply doesn't have enough stock to both offer it via their operators and through the online retail community waiting until January when they can fulfill both commitments.

It comes after online retailers posted a statement on their blog stating that they would not be getting any SIM-free shipments until January 2012. Nokia then countered with an official statement on the matter saying:

"For the rollout of our first Lumia products, we have chosen to work with the UK operator and retail partners who shared our enthusiasm and commitment to bring these first products to market with a major focus on bringing alive the Nokia with Windows Phone experience for consumers. Therefore we are making sure that by using these channels the Lumia 800 will be available to our customers in the widest variety of outlets from SIM free to contract."

What this means is that limited stocks of the Nokia Lumia 800 will be available SIM-free but only through their chosen operators, with the rest of online retailers having to wait until January to get their hands on it, this will also probably mean a huge rush to get hold of the limited quanitity that will be available come 16 November.

Meanwhile in Europe Nokia is also facing some issues after it was confirmed that European phone network Telefonica would not be stocking the Nokia Lumia 800 at all, claiming that it just isn't competitive enough as a product.

Will you be fighting to get your hands on a SIM-free Nokia Lumia 800 on 16 November? Let us know via the comments box below...

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