Nokia denies hybrid tablet release plans

Finnish phone manufacturer says it is continuing to 'watch' the growing tablet market

Nokia has denied recent reports that it is on the verge of introducing its first tablet device stating it is continuing to 'watch' the tablet scene evolve

Amid a flurry of rumours that it is to introduce a selection of smartphone turn tablet hybrid devices, Nokia has hit back stating it is simply ‘watching’ the tablet sector.

Whilst earlier in the week outgoing Nokia Chairman Jorma Ollila was quoted as suggesting the first Nokia tablet devices were on the way, the company has since refuted such claims suggesting it continues to watch the market but has yet to make a decision on when it will enter the fray.

“Tablets are an important one, so that is being looked into, and there will be different hybrids, different form factors in the future,” Ollila reportedly told Reuters.

These comments, which sparked much excitement of the first Nokia tablet perhaps landing later this year running Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS have seen Nokia eager to respond and clarify the matter before the rumours snowballed and expectations were raised.

“What Mr. Ollila said has been misconstrued a bit,” official Nokia spokesperson Keith Nowak said in a recent interview. “As we have been saying, we are watching the space with interest, but have made no announcements regarding a tablet product.”

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Via: eWeek