Nokia admits to N8 power issues

"Small number" of phones not turning on

Warranty covers problems says Nokia's Niklas Savander.

The Nokia N8 appears to have hit a significant problem, with a number of punters reporting that their spanking new Symbian 3 phone just won’t switch on.

Espoo has confirmed that there is an issue with the blower, but top exec Niklas Savander says that it’s only affecting a “small number” of devices and that the warranty will cover a replacement.

Savander said that, “…a limited number of Nokia N8 users are experiencing a ‘power down’ or ‘not power up’”, in a chat with official blog Nokia Conversations. Although it is limited, this isn’t ideal for Nokia. Things had finally started to go quiet after a string of top level resignations and the confirmed delay of MeeGo into 2011.

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Via Nokia Conversations