Nokia 603 Symbian phone unveiled

New handset crams in latest Symbian software and top-end specs

Forget Nokia’s forthcoming Windows Phones for a second. Because Espoo has just unveiled a new entry-level smartphone that looks set to undercut stacks of other pricier rivals.

Nokia has unleashed yet another new Symbian smartphone, as the wait for its first Windows Phone continues. The Nokia 603, which runs the Belle version of the old-school OS, is said to be for first time smartphone types, but still comes with stacks of decent features.

As well as a 3.5-inch touchscreen, the Nokia 603 touts a 1GHz processor, NFC smarts for sharing content and a 5 megapixel camera round the back. All pretty decent stuff and features Nokia will be hoping will help it compete against the cheaper handsets in the Android stable.

Nokia’s slapped the 603 with a decent €200 SIM-free price tag, promising to have it on shelves at some point before the year is out. With that traditionally vague release date, it might be best holding out and seeing what Nokia’s Windows efforts have to offer first.

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