No tethering for Windows Phone 7, says Microsoft

No confusion over Windows Phone 7 tethering support

It has tethering. No it doesn't. It definitely doesn't.

It's confirmed: the Windows Phone 7 series will not have tethering support, irrespective of which carrier you use.

Tethering is when users can set up their phones to work as a wireless hotspot.

Initially, reports had surfaced that Microsoft official Brandon Watson, Director of Windows Phone 7, said that tethering would be present on the Windows Phone 7 series.

However, Microsoft issued a direct statement, which said: "Windows Phone 7 does not support tethering."

Other handsets, such as the iPhone and Android 2.2 "Froyo" phones, can use their phones as wi-fi hotspots and connect to laptops and other wi-fi devices.

It does seem puzzling as to why the Windows Phone 7 was initially said to support tethering, when it actually doesn't.

The Windows Phone 7 handsets will be out in UK on all network operators, which is welcome news indeed for us. The series is set to launch on October 11 2010.

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Via: TechWatch