No Microsoft Points for Windows Phone 7

Xbox Live games on platform shed infuriating points system for proper cash

Add payment to your bill or pay cash up front for Xbox Live games bought on Windows Phone 7.

Xbox Live’s arrival on Windows Phone 7 is possibly the most exciting thing about the new mobile OS. And there’s more good news today after Microsoft revealed it would be dropping its unloved Microsoft Points for proper money when buying games on the platform.

Rather than having to buy points and then redeem them, you’ll be able to snaffle games and pay for them direct from your bank account, a la the App Store. Alternatively, you’ll be able to add the cost of any titles you buy to your monthly bill.

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That make a lot more sense and should go some way to stopping confusion that fake currencies tend to create. Now what we want to see is Microsoft Points dropped altogether and real money make its way to Xbox Live on the Xbox 360.

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Via Joystiq