Nintendo responds to 3DS black screen of death errors

Official line from Ninty on reports of 3DS crashes

3DS launch blighted by a few teething problems

Nintendo has swiftly reacted to the rise in reports of gamers suffering crashes with the Nintendo 3DS by instructing them to install the latest system update.

Dubbed, 'the black screen of death', the error message requests that 3DS owners hold down the power button to reset the console, and if the problem persists, to contact customer services.

Nintendo issued the following statement to the Inquirer:

"Our recommendations are that if anyone is experiencing any problems with their Nintendo 3DS console, we recommend that in the first instance they download and install the latest system update, now available online.

"If the problems still persist we recommend they contact their local Nintendo Customer Service centre to investigate the problem."

The Nintendo 3DS launched in the UK last week accompanied with the first system update and some rather underwhelming games sales as we reported yesterday.

Have you been faced with the 'black screen of death' error? What have you made of your first few days with the Nintendo 3DS? Let us know via Twitter and Facebook.

Link: CVG via Inquirer


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