Motorola offering free keyboard and mouse to UK Xoom owners

No word on UK price cut though

Motorola is offering new UK Xoom owners a free keyboard and mouse with their purchase, after the device failed to make an impact in the highly competitive tablet market

Just a day after Motorola slashed the price of its Xoom tablet in the US, the mobile maker has just announced it will be giving away a free keyboard and mouse to new UK owners, as well as to those who purchased their tablet in July.

The so-called promotion covers all Xooms that have been bought in Britain since the start of July. To get hold of one, users need to send their receipt into Motorola, who will then send out the Xoom-specific accessories. The consumer electronics firm says the deal will continue “while stocks last”.

The company has struggled to sell large volumes of its tablet in light of the release of the Apple iPad 2, and a string of other models which use Google’s Android Honeycomb. After launching at the end of Feburary 2011, the Motorola Xoom recorded paltry sales of 100,000 units in April, forcing Moto bosses to slash the price of the tablet in the US. And as mentioned in T3's Motorola Xoom review, the tablet was far too overpriced and the media performance failed to reach our expectations.

We think it's time they changed their infamous logo to: 'Goodbye Moto!'

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Motorola XOOM video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

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