Motorola RAZR and RAZR MAXX ICS update coming 27th June?

Showcases some of the features found on Motorola's version of ICS

While showcasing the newly release Motorola RAZR MAXX, Motorola were also able to shed some light on when both RAZR handsets will be getting ICS

A video has appeared showing what the Ice Cream Sandwich update will look like on the Motorola RAZR and RAZR MAXX showcasing both the new UI and some of the features.

The video shows off just some of the features including four shortcut keys on the lockscreen and of course the classic Ice Cream Sandwich layout. You'll also be able to control music from lockscreen while full multi-tasking is available.

Motorola RAZR and RAZR MAXX ICS Release date

According to Droid Life the Motorola RAZR and Motorola RAZR MAXX will be getting an Android Ice Cream Sandwich release date of 27th June with testing beginning on the 22nd.

Speaking at a UK press event for the Motorola RAZR MAXX Andrew Morely Vice President of Marketing for Europe was on hand to not only talk Ice Cream Sandwich but also explain why Motorola had gone for such a larger battery on the RAZR MAXX.

According to Morely the company conducted huge amounts of research into what consumers want from a modern smartphone and discovered that 75 per cent of those asked rated a battery life as the biggest selling point.

Speaking about the ethos surrounding poor battery life he commented that 'people now accept that their phone just won't last till the end of the day'.

Motorola RAZR MAXX specs

Essentially rocking the same specs found on the original Motorola RAZR, the MAXX moniker refers to its beefed up 3300mAh battery which will give users a frankly astonishing 17.6 hours of talktime.

If that wasn't enough you'll get just under a month in standby time, something that we're pretty sure can only be matched by the likes of specialist smartphones running on much lower specs.

Inside is the same dual-core 1.2GHz processor with a 4.3inch Super AMOLED display while on the outside you'll find a Gorilla Glass display keeping the front safe and a KEVLAR backplate making sure the back remains intact as well.

Motorola RAZR MAXX features

In case you're really in a tight spot the RAZR MAXX also features Motorola's exclusive Smart Actions app which allows your phone to auto-perform actions for example telling it to shut down non-essential functions during the night, or have it automatically go on silent when you're in a meeting.

You'll also get the same level of computer integration that is found on the Motorola RAZR including Moto Cast which lets you stream everything from photos, music and videos straight from your computer to your RAZR MAXX making it completely business friendly.

Motorola RAZR MAXX release date

Available from EXPANSYS priced at £429 and at Clove Technology for £430.80 with Clove offering the Motorola RAZR MAXX from tomorrow while Expansys is offering the MAXX in a weeks time.

At present there is no news on which network carriers will be offering the Motorola RAZR MAXX so for the time being it's SIM-free only but it is expected that networks will be making an announcement soon.