Microsoft Kinect sold out in US

Strong first day sales for the motion gaming giant

Microsoft on target for three million sales this year

Microsoft Kinect is already sold out for UK pre-orders, now it’s sold out in the first day on sale in the US.

Best Buy, Amazon and Gamestop have said they’re out of stock already, with Target reporting “very strong pre-sales.”

“We've seen a tremendous amount of excitement and demand for (Kinect) and saw lines at our midnight openings around the country,” Best Buy’s Chris Homeister told USA Today. “We are currently sold out online, but we continue to work with Microsoft to obtain product shipments now and throughout the holiday season.”

At this rate, Microsoft could well be on target for its 3-5 million sales of Kinect before the year is over.

We reported a few weeks ago how Game was sold out of Kinect for the UK, but it should have more stock in time for Christmas.

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Via: USA Today