Microsoft announces Kindle app for Windows Phone 7

WP7 platform gets first dedicated ebook store

Kindle broadens its reach to yet another platform.

Amazon has plugged a gaping hole in the new Windows Phone 7 platform by serving up its Kindle ebook application to be launched later this year.

The Kindle app, which will make upto 725,000 publications available to WP7 users, will have personalised recommendations for each user, automatic back-ups of your purchases and the option of sharing the titles across a range of devices.

You'll also be able to pick up where you left off across a number of devices thanks to the 'last page read' feature as well as send recommendations to friends from within the application.

Kindle for WP7 will be the first dedicated ereader application for the new Windows OS. You can sign up to be notified when it becomes available here

The app, which is already a big hit on Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry, will be a free download from the Windows Mobile App Marketplace before 2010 is out.

Link: Kindle for Windows Mobile