JooJoo tablet 2 coming early 2011 in different sizes

First tablet will be discontinued, multiple new devices incoming

New devices may not run Android but will be optimised for social networking

In a chat with Gizmodo’s Jason Chen, Android-powered tablet joojoo’s makers have revealed not only that they’re still alive and kicking, but also have plans to roll out multiple new devices in 2011. While the company’s first tablet was a sorely disappointing effort and sales were ‘lower than expected’, joojoo apparently sees itself as a ‘multiple device company’, and is readying a sequel now.

The new device, which we are to assume will come in a range of sizes, will be powered by Android’s brain, but may not be Android spec enough to gain access to key features like the app Market.

That’s subject to Google’s approval, but what we do know is that the new tablet will have a UI optimised for social networking and email.

Can joojoo redeem itself with a sequel? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.