Jawbone ERA bluetooth headset launches in UK

Multiple processors, apps and motion controls...

Jawbone Era is lacking only one thing - the kitchen sink

Jawbone have just unveiled the newest addition to their bluetooth headset lineup, the all singing, all dancing, Jawbone ERA.

Renowned for making bluetooth headsets sexy again, Jawbone's latest creation retains the sleek looks whilst adding in more features than the photocopier in the T3 office.

The headset offers motion controls including "ShakeShake" pairing and "TapTap" pick/hang up with more gestures said to be in the pipeline.

Offering the latest in Jawbone's NoiseAssassin noise-cancelling technology and a larger wideband speaker capable of HD audio, the ERA has all the makings to give you the clearest Bluetooth calls yet.

Interestingly, Jawbone has seen fit to cram multiple processors into the ERA, to allow for "innovative applications'" in the future. Two of these "applications" will work straight out of the box, Caller ID and THOUGHTS.

Caller ID does exactly what you'd expect, reading the name of the caller to you aloud in your ear.

THOUGHTS pairs up with an iPhone application to give you the ability to send voice messages without the risk of actually holding a conversation. Given the awkwardness we at T3 feel when we have to leave a voicemail, I'm not sure how well this will be received.

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