Jamie Oliver declares apps 'more brilliant than books'

Celebrity chef tips apps as 'future proof' medium

Apps better than books says TV chef

Celebrity chef and all-round pukka guy Jamie Oliver has spoken out on his love of mobile applications dubbing the smartphone fillers "more brilliant than books".

Discussing his app habits at Apple’s London Regent Street store, Jamie Oliver declared creating an app was “like having your own market stall” before adding: "Apps are so much more brilliant than books." His announcement came just hours before it was revelead his most recent book '30-Minute Meals' has become the fastest selling non-fiction title of all time shifting 735,000 copies in just 10 weeks.

Despite his app preference Oliver’s latest iPhone release, Jamie’s Recipes, has received a mixed user reaction following its launch late last month. Much like the T3 iPad App, Jamie’s Recipes is a free to download application that offers users a variety of purchasable in-app content. Despite being rated visually and physically impressive, Oliver’s new app release has faced repeated criticism for its potentially misleading ‘free app’ wording.

Talking on this recent application launch, the TV cook announced: “We just wanted to make something beautiful that delivers.”

Giving his views on the future of mobile applications, Oliver expressed his opinion on the rapidly progressing medium stating: “The app that we did last year was great but in two years time it won’t be.” Despite this constantly evolving format the Naked Chef was keen to add: “Apps are more future proof than any other sort of broadcasting or publishing that is around now.”

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