iPhone app developers get iOS 4 push from Apple

Older OS users to be left behind by Apple push

Developers strong-armed by mighty Apple

Owners of Apple’s former dominant iPhone handsets, the 3G and 3GS not wishing to upgrade to the latest OS could soon be left behind in terms of compatible apps as the Cupertino company pushes the development of iOS 4 exclusive applications.

Having proclaimed "all new applications and updates to existing applications must be built using iPhone SDK 4.", Apple’s push on developers to concentrate their efforts on iOS 4 apps, will subsequently lead users to update to the latest operating system in order to capitalise on the exciting and desirable new content.

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The skeptical amongst us might suggest this push by Apple is a simple attempt to increase the base for the forthcoming iAd platform that will see in-app advertising plaguing iPhone users on the latest operating system. If we were to don our naïve, trusting minds, however, it could be suggested that the move is nothing more than an attempt to avoid the fragmentation problems that are affecting app development over the numerous Android platforms.

The benefits to users moving to iOS 4 include multi-tasking compatibility and exclusive content such as the iBooks application that transforms the iPhone into an eReader. This may not be enough to convince some users that the new OS is the best option for their aging iPhones though following complaints from a number of 3G and 3GS users that after updating to iOS 4 following the software release last Monday (June 21st), their 3G and 3GS handsets became sluggish and unresponsive.