iPhone 5 specs to see 4-inch display and metal casing

NFC also pegged for Apple handset later this year

Next-gen Apple handset to tout bevy of new features

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 is to launch sporting a larger 4-inch display, a new metal casing and NFC chip technology, a report by the China Times has revealed.

Adding fuel to the fire that Apple’s next-gen smartphone will land with a larger display and a scratch-resistant metal-backed housing that will tout the antenna in the rear-mounted Apple logo, the Chinese newspaper has reinstated speculation that the fruity tech company will include the contactless payment tech despite recent reports to the contrary.

Whilst the claims are unsupported by evidence, the China Times goes on to suggest that full production of the iPhone 5 will not kick in until the third quarter of 2011, further hinting towards a delayed September arrival of the eagerly awaited follow-up to the market leading iPhone 4.

Yo-yoing in and out of the iPhone 5’s mooted spec sheet, NFC tech has been given the nod by the China Times with backing also handed out to the inclusion of a recently leaked metal backing to the device with a logo-mounted antenna believed to be Apple’s solution to the antennagate issues that plagued the release of the iPhone 5’s predecessor.

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Via: TechRadar | Via: ChinaTimes